Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iPhone 4 Announced

It seems that the cell phone arms race will never end. Despite some competition from the Droid and Google's Nexus, the iPhone never fails to impress. Unlike in the past, the iPhone will now be carried by both Verizon and AT&T, providing for some friendly price competition. Here is the comparison courtesy of http://www.cultofmac.com

iPhone 4 on AT&TiPhone 4 on Verizon
Price:$199 16GB / $299 32GB$199 16GB / $299 32GB
Data Plans:200MB at $15
2GB at $25
2GB with tethering at $45
150MB at $15
Unlimited data at $29.99
Unlimited data with 2GB tethering at $49.99
Voice Plans:450 minutes at $39.99
900 minutes at $59.99
Unlimited minutes at $69.99
450 minutes at $39.99
900 minutes at $59.99
Unlimited minutes at $69.99
Messaging Plans:200 messages at $5
1500 messages at $15
Unlimited messages at $20
250 messages at $5
500 messages at $15
5000 messages at $20
Early Upgrades at Launch:
Global Roaming:
Simultaneous 3G Voice/Data:
Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot Feature:
4G Data (HSPA+/LTE):


  1. not gettinn iphone4 ... waitin for iphone5

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  3. Problem is that you have to deal with the at&t network before, now with that out of the way i would think that it will become even bigger